Imphal is such a place where you will feel the freshness of the air as soon as you land at the airport. The air is so clean and fresh that it makes you want to just stand here and keep breathing. Away from the busyness of the metropolis, this city and the entire state of Manipur has its own natural charm, although you will see the youth in modern outfits, but most of the women on the streets are seen in traditional women’s traditional outfits, such as Mekhla Chadar of Assam. – Similar Funke

Kangla Fort

There are two more must see places in Imphal. One Kangla Fort, the other Loktak Lake. Kangla Fort or Fort is situated on the banks of the Imphal River in the middle of the city. In the Meitei language, Kangla means the main part of the land. Meitei is the original name of present Manipur. Manipuri language is also one of the list of 22 official languages ​​of India. Kangla Fort used to be the capital of the rulers of this dynasty and is still a proud historical place for the residents of Manipur. There are two statues of lion’s figure on its main gate. It is called the god of gods. There are also many museums inside Kangla Fort. Where objects related to ancient rulers, their history, their boats and information related to them are displayed. There is also an archaeological museum.

Sanamahi Meitei

Sanamahi is an excellent example of Meitei architecture. The shape of horns is made on top of this temple, which is considered auspicious and holy by the Meitei ie Manipuri people. There are many other tourist places here, such as the statue of Maharaja Narasimha riding a horse and the mausoleum of King Bodhchandra. The palace of the kings and the polo ground are also in this fort. Shree Govind Ji Temple, built by Maharaja Narsingh, is also one of the major sightseeing places in Imphal.

Beautiful Loktak Lake

It is the largest fresh water lake in the entire North East. Its specialty is the floating plots above the lake, which are called phumdis in the local language. Phumdi is a bio mass made of vegetation and other elements, which takes the power of the land but floats on the water. Mostly it is of ring shape. In many places this phumdi is so strong that a tea shop is also built on it. The water of Loktak Lake is so clear that while going by boat, you can clearly see the vegetation growing under the water. Many birds are also seen resting on these islands i.e. small phumdis floating on the water.

INA Museum

Loktak Lake is located near Moirang, this is where this museum is located. Things related to Netaji and his army are kept in it.

Indian Peace Memorial

The Indian Peace Memorial is near Red Hill. This memorial has been built in memory of the Indian martyrs who fought on the side of Japan in World War II and defeated the British army near this Red Hill.

There are many more museums, temples, lakes, parks, zoos and places of interest in Imphal. If there is time, these places can also be seen.

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