Where is the world’s largest solar park?

The world’s largest solar park is spread over 14 thousand acres in the middle of the Thar Desert, where the land is barren due to lack of rain and farming is also not possible, in such a situation, about 225 km from Jodhpur, these blue solar panels are India’s biggest effort in the direction of energy.

The world’s largest solar park that we are talking about is Bhadla Solar Park. You will be surprised to know that this park is so big that more than a thousand stadiums like Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium can be built here. Let us tell you, before this, Karnataka’s Pavagadh Solar Park was the largest.


India receives a lot of sun rays

India receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year. If we look at it in terms of days, there is sufficient sunlight for 330 to 350 days, i.e. about 5 hours every day, which helps a lot in generating solar power. When the sun rays hit the cells of the modules, the electrons start working, which creates direct current and gets captured in the wiring of the solar panels.

Robots do the cleaning, not humans

Dust is a big challenge in the production of solar power , but there are excellent arrangements to remove it. Robotic cleaners have been created to clean the dust that accumulates every day due to strong winds. These robots clean the wheels with soft microfibers without using water.

Millions of homes are getting electricity

Let us tell you, 2.25 GW power is supplied to National Green from here, which provides electricity to lakhs of homes. In such a situation, Bhadla Solar Park is not only lighting up homes, but along with being eco-friendly , it is also reducing the cost of power considerably.

Local people have also got employment

After the construction of Bhadla Solar Park, the youth of this region have also got a lot of employment, who earlier used to only have government jobs or go far away to do farming. After the development of this park, the demand for technicians has also increased a lot here.