Haflong is a very beautiful hill station in Assam, boasting breathtaking views and rich cultural heritage. If you are a nature lover, then there is a lot to explore here. About 300 km from Guwahati and 100 km from Silchar. This unique place is situated at a distance. Haflong is located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam. Situated at an altitude of about 680 meters above sea level, do not forget to visit this place in Assam. This hill station is also known as ‘White Ant Hillock’. Apart from roaming, if you want to see and know the culture of Assam closely, then you must come here.  

Haflong Lake

It is a beautiful lake situated in the heart of Haflong city with hanging bridge overpass. One of the largest natural water sources of Assam, the beauty of Haflong Lake is such that it is also called ‘Scotland of Assam’. You can plan to visit Haflong Lake anytime throughout the year. 

Haflong Hill

Haflong Hill is the main attraction of Haflong. The lush green hills and the serene atmosphere here make this place more special. Haflong Hill is perfect for those who want to relax and get close to nature.


Silchar is the nearest town from Haflong. The natural beauty, diverse culture here especially attracts tourists. It is the second largest city of Assam. This place is very good for those who like adventure, relax vacation. 


Located at a distance of about 47 kilometers from Haflong, Mebang is an ancient center of art and culture of Assam. The city was the capital of the Dimas Kachari kingdom in the 17th century and is now famous for the Ramchandi temple.


Jatinga Valley situated in the hill of Dima Haso district of Assam is more famous as suicide point of birds apart from beautiful. It is said that birds attracted by the bright lights in the houses fly to this place and somehow get confused that they are unable to fly and are killed by hunters. Not only local birds, but migratory birds also commit suicide by reaching this place. Because of which Jatinga village is considered very mysterious.