With the arrival of the new year, the season of Teej-festivals also begins in India. There are so many festivals from January to April and then from August to December that if you are a wanderlust lover, you can explore many places during these holidays. So if you are planning to travel somewhere in January, then make a plan for such places where you can enjoy a lot. 

Punjab, Lohri- 13 January 2023

Lohri is one of the major festivals of Punjab, but it is celebrated with enthusiasm not only in Punjab but across the country. But in some parts of Punjab and North India, it is seen in a different way. So if you want to see the real celebration of Lohri as well as never been to Punjab before, then this is a good opportunity to explore this place. And if you are also fond of food and drink, then coming to Punjab will make you feel like coming to heaven.

International Kite Festival – 14 January 2023

In January, the International Kite Festival is organized in Gujarat, in which kite fliers from many places come to show their skills. Colorful kites in the sky and the fun of the contestants gives a different kind of pleasure. There are many places to visit in Gujarat that you can cover in a two to three day vacation. Also, there is no answer to the flavors of Gujarat in food.

West Bengal, Kenduli Fair – 14 January 2023

Kenduli Fair is a fair held in West Bengal. This fair starts on the last day of Pausha according to the Bengali calendar and continues till the month of Magha. The fair is named after the famous poet Joydev Kenduli. This festival is very special for the people here. 

Tamil Nadu, Pongal – 15 January 2023

Pongal is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu. On this day special Pongal dishes of rice and milk are made in homes. The whole family sits and eats together. Beautiful Kolam or Rangoli is made. The houses are decorated. You can also watch the famous Jallikattu of Madurai on this occasion.  

Gujarat, Rann Utsav

January is here and you haven’t been to Rann Festival yet, there’s still a chance you can. The biggest beauty of this festival is the plains of Kutch. Folk singers and dances of Rajasthan take place in this desert. Apart from this, you can taste the handicrafts and food here. You will get some good experiences while roaming here. You can spend the night here in tents on the sand.

Bhogali Bihu – 15 January 2023

You can also plan for Assam this weekend. Where the brightness of Bhogali Bihu will be seen. There are three types of Bihu festivals and one of them is Bhogali Bihu, which is celebrated in the month of January. Bihu songs double the fun of this festival. In terms of sightseeing, there are only options in Assam. 

Rajasthan, Jaipur Literature Festival – 19 January 2023 

JFL, or the Jaipur Literature Festival, is not only a book lovers’ wait for, but wanderers as well. Which is organized every year in Jaipur. So if you haven’t seen Pink City yet, then plan in the month of January. Apart from visiting forts, palaces, you can also enjoy the colorful culture and cuisine here.