Cold knocks at many places in the month of November, but at some places the weather is quite good even in this month. A season when you can enjoy traveling without worrying about sun, heat and sweat. There are many places in India where you can plan to visit in this month because festivals also start in many places from this month, which continue till January, February. By participating in these festivals, you can also experience many types of adventures. Let us know about these places. 

ooty tamilnadu

Ooty, situated in the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu, is a very beautiful hill station, which is best to visit in November. Because it is surrounded by hills, it is also called the “Queen of Hills”. Situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level, Ooty is more famous as a honeymoon destination , but you can also enjoy it to the fullest by coming here with family and friends. 

Run of Kutch Gujarat

Run of Kutch Gujarat is one of the best places in India to visit in November. This is the world’s largest salt desert. The Run of Kutch is one of the hottest places in India but the weather remains pleasant from November to February, when you can comfortably explore it and the surrounding areas. Run of Kutch festival also starts here from November itself. By participating in which you can enjoy  many types of cultural and adventure activities .

Udaipur Rajasthan

One of the popular destinations of Rajasthan is Udaipur, which is also known as “Venice of the East” and “City of Lakes”. Udaipur is a wonderful place surrounded by Aravalli hills on all sides. This place is hot in the remaining months of the year, but from November the weather here starts becoming favorable for visiting. Coming here, do not miss seeing the lakes and palaces and tasting the flavors here. 

Kalipong West Bengal

Kalipong is a hill station in West Bengal, where you can plan to visit in the winter season. This place is famous for magnificent valleys and Buddhist monasteries. Kalipong is located just 50 minutes east of Darjeeling. This place is a paradise for nature lovers, but if you are fond of adventure, then there are many options for you here too. Overall, this place will not give you a chance to get bored.