There are many places related to Lord Rama in India, but Rameswaram is the most famous place among them. It is said that Shri Ram worshipped Lord Shiva here. That is why it is known as Ram’s God i.e. Rameswaram. It is said that at that time the Pamban island was connected to the Indian land, later it separated from the mainland and became a small island. Now this island is connected by a rail bridge, which is called Pamban Bridge. A bridge was built by Shri Ram near this for climbing Lanka. Its remains can still be seen at this place called Dhanushkodi. This is a place where not only religious people but also a crowd of people interested in the construction of ancient buildings is seen.

places to visit in rameswaram

Ramanathaswamy Temple

This is the most special attraction here. Its religious importance increases because it is considered one of the twelve sacred Jyotirlinga temples of Lord Shiva. There are two Shivlingas here – Ramnath and Vishwantar. It is said that when Shri Ram thought of worshipping Lord Shiva here, he asked Hanuman ji to bring a Shivling from Mount Kailash. When he was late in returning, he worshipped the Shivling made of sand by Sita ji. Later when Hanuman brought the Shivling, an attempt was made to install it in place of the Shivling made of sand, but that Shivling did not move from its place. Then another Shivling was also duly installed along with it and to respect Hanuman’s hard work, Shri Ram said that here the Shivling brought by you will always be worshipped first, after that the Ramnath worshipped by me. This tradition is followed even today.

This is India’s first sea bridge. This is the only way to reach Rameswaram. Pamban Bridge was built in 1914. From that time till 2010, till the construction of Sea Link in Mumbai, it remained India’s longest sea bridge. Whether you are going here by rail or road , you get to see the beautiful view of the sea spread on both sides.

Abdul Kalam Residence

Former President Abdul Kalam Azad’s house is also here. His brother’s family still lives here. A part of the house has been converted into a museum. Things related to his life have been kept here. You can visit here from 10 am to 6 pm.

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

There is a Marine National Park from Rameswaram to Tuticorin Island . The Gulf of Mannar is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This reserve is known for its marine biodiversity. More than four thousand species of marine flora and fauna make it more special.