you want to see a glimpse of India’s rich history, then you should see the forts here, which were built by the kings and Maharajas here many years ago. One of these forts is a very famous fort Shanivar Wada, which has a rich history of the Maratha Empire associated with it. Some historical facts related to this fort can blow your mind. Let’s know, what is the history of Shanivar Wada.

What is the history of this fort?

Peshwa Bajirao-1, the great military leader of the Maratha Empire, built this fort in Pune in 1736, where he lived with his family and supporters. At that time, this fort was considered one of the strongest forts in its region. Since then, this thirteen-storey fort has been the home of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. Many generations after Bajirao Peshwa-1 have displayed their bravery in this fort.

While building this fort, the biggest purpose was security. Therefore, this fort was built keeping security in mind. The main gate of the fort is known as Delhi Darwaza. Apart from this, this fort has Ganesh Darwaza, Khidki Darwaza, Mastani Darwaza and Jambal Darwaza. Many palaces were built inside this fort, which you can still see today. These palaces include Ganesh Mahal, Arsha Mahal, Hasti-Dant Mahal, Diwan Khana.


In this fort, there is a light and music show to show the glorious history of the great Peshwas of the Maratha Empire, which can be enjoyed by going here. Although this fort has a very rich history, but there is an incident of this fort, knowing which your soul will shudder. Actually, a scary incident is associated with Shaniwar Wada, due to which it is forbidden to go here after sunset.


There’s a sound of screaming…

This incident happened when 18-year-old Narayan Rao took over the throne as the tenth Peshwa of Maratha. Narayan Rao’s ascendance to the throne was a thorn in the eyes of his uncle Raghunath Rao. Therefore, to remove Narayan Rao from the throne, he conspired to kill him and he was murdered. It is said that even today Narayan Rao’s soul roams there and cries for help. It is also said that the sound of Narayan Rao’s cries asking for help can be heard from here.

How to reach?

There was a terrible fire in this fort in 1828, after which only its ruins are left here. This palace is associated with the saga of bravery of the Maratha Empire as well as the story of the fall of the Peshwas. If you are also interested in its beauty and paranormal activities, then you must visit Shaniwar Wada once. To go here, you can land at Pune Airport by plane, reach Pune Railway Station by rail and then reach here by bus or cab.