Joggers Park Bandra West – Mumbai Suburban
Joggers Park Bandra West – Mumbai Suburban

“Bandra Joggers Park located just adjacent to the Carter Road Promenade, Western suburban of Mumbai has beautiful spacious sea side jogging place, Well maintained with greenery and other attractions inside. This sea facing joggers park adjacent to Otters Club also attracts couples for some sweet time..”

A Decent Joggers park located at one of the very best locations of Mumbai suburban station called Bandra, Also known as Suburban queen for fashion and hotspot hangouts and known residential of Bollywood stars is located in west near the famous Otters club. Park is regularly used by local residents at carter road specially for Jogging and also by senior citizens to spend their evening with fresh air, beautiful environment chitchatting with regulars. Friends group and Couples do get attracted to seat at this promenade park to have fun, enjoy sunset and spend quality time together. Children are often seen exploring the beautiful plantations and couple of water bodies like fish and ducks with some caged birds and more.

About 200 to 300 meters oval shaped red soiled jogging track is clean and well maintained by park authorities with entry fees as low as Rs.1 for Kids and Rs.2 for adults (Now may be up to Rs.5). To recall the memories, A move called ‘Love’ staring Salman khan and Revathi has some funny scenes (Bus Stop Waiting) shot exactly opposite this park entry gate on main road.

Covered with wide sea from 2 sides, This park has flowers, plants, love birds and other pets exactly in middle of the Jogging track. Coconut trees planted with decent seating benches gives a chance to inhale some fresh air and relax seeing the sunset with your family and friends company or in natural company of sea waves soothing sound. It also has small park inside for children, with see-saw, swing, slides where they can play. One of the best attractions of joggers park is its big cage with many colourful love birds and parrots in it. With a small pond having colourful fishes and ducks.

How To Reach Joggers Park
Nearest railway station as said is Bandra, Get down and take bridge to West.  BEST Bus facilities are also available adjacent to railway station bus depot.