Whenever it comes to islands, the first picture that comes to mind is a place full of greenery amidst the sea waves. However, there are such places in our country full of diversities, about which not many people would have even heard about it till now. One such place is Banswara district of Rajasthan, which is known as ‘Cherrapunji of Rajasthan’ i.e. the place with the highest rainfall in the state. Apart from this, the beauty of this district is the Mahi river flowing here, in which more than 100 islands are built and these are called ‘Chacha Kota’.

Rajasthan Tourism on the microblogging platform, Koo App, has given information about this wonderful place in one of its video posts. The Rajasthan Tourism Department wrote in the caption of this post, “Come face to face with the hidden gem of Banswara – Chacha Kota. It is a village that mesmerizes with its peerless beauty. Embark on a breathtaking boat ride across 100 islets and watch the mesmerizing horizon stretch as far as the eye can see. The peace spread in this magical place will not disturb you, but will give you peace and make your journey here memorable.


As the name suggests, Banswara got its name from ‘Bamboo’ or bamboo trees and these trees once grew in abundance here. Earlier this district was a princely state ruled by Maharawals and it is said to have been ruled by a Bhil ruler Bansia and after him the place was named Banswara. After this Bansia was defeated and killed by Jagmal Singh and then became the first Maharawal of this princely state.

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Uncle Kota

Chacha Kota, situated 14 km from Banswara city, is a natural place of exquisite beauty in the waters of the dam built on the Mahi river. Here green hills, beach-like view and as far as the eye can see ‘water everywhere’. The surrounding high hills, lush green environment all around the way, spiral zigzag roads and waterfalls together make this place perfect in terms of natural beauty.

Mahi Dam

Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam is considered the lifeline of Banswara district, which has become a major source of agricultural and economic development of the region. Mahi Dam with 16 gates is the second largest dam in Rajasthan. Located at a distance of 18 km from Banswara city, many hills are partially submerged in the water of this dam and present a picturesque view like small islands. This is the reason why this place is also known as the “City of Hundred Islands”. When the gates of the main dam are opened to release the excess water accumulated here during the rainy season, it turns into a spectacular spot for tourists. Mahi Dam is actually a major tourist attraction in Banswara.

Sri Tripura Sundari Temple

Shri Tripura Sundari Temple is at a distance of 19 km from the district headquarter of Banswara and it is dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari. She is also known as Mata Teertiya. The grand idol of Mata has 18 arms, in which she is mounted on a lion carrying various weapons. There are smaller idols of 52 Bhairavas and 64 Yoginis around the main idol. It is the most famous pilgrimage center of Vagad region and devotees come from far and wide to worship here.

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Kagdi Pickup is a major tourist attraction in the eastern part of Banswara city. After seeing the Kagdi lake and the garden built here, once you do not feel like taking your eyes off. Especially during the rainy season, the lake witnesses the frolic of many migratory birds. The best time for bird watchers especially sunrise and sunset.


Syedi Fakhruddin Martyr Memorial (Galiakot City)

Galiyakot is a town in the Dungarpur district of Rajasthan and is located at a distance of about 80 km from Banswara. It is one of the famous pilgrimage centers of the Dawoodi Bohra community. The city is famous for the tomb of Babji Maula Syedi Fakhruddin who lived here in the 10th century. People of the Dawoodi Bohra community come here every year to pay homage. 

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is in Udaipur, which is located at a distance of 185 kms.