Goa Trek Goa is such a tourist destination where some people go to relax and some to enjoy adventure activities. Although till now there has been more craze for only water activities, but now the tourism department here has also started preparations to promote trekking. Let us know about those adventurous trekking spots in Goa which are less explored.

If you are asked what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of Goa? So the answer for most people would be the beaches, beautiful sunsets, sea waves and many fun and adventurous water activities. But what if we tell you that now you can enjoy trekking there too? Yes, you are reading right. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has launched a monsoon trekking program from Tambadi Surla-Mollem in South Goa to promote tourism in the interior of the state and attract more tourists.

Referring to this, GTDC Chairman Ganesh Gaonkar said that the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ would be made meaningful in the coastal state. He said that every tourist coming here should stay safe and enjoy monsoon trekking. Let us know some fun places for trekking in Goa.

Where to go for trekking in Goa?

With the state government of Goa focusing on tourism in the hinterland, Gaonkar advised tourists to go through trekking activities safely. Here are some options for trekking in monsoon that you can try in Goa.

Sonsogor Trek

If you want to experience what it feels like to be at the top, then head to Sonsogar. Sonsogor is one of the three highest peaks in the state and a visit here means being at the top of Goa. The trek here may take around 2-3 hours. However, it can be more or less than this as each person’s experience is different.

Dudhsagar Trek

Till now you must have seen Dudhsagar only in reels. It is famous as one of the 5th highest waterfalls in India. Dudhsagar is the most popular waterfall in Goa and words will not be enough to describe its beauty. It flows through the dense forests of the Western Ghats and a trek to this place during the monsoon season will give you a glimpse of its ethereal beauty.

Pali Waterfall Trek

Pali Falls is another great option for waterfall trekking in Goa. However, the path here becomes a bit slippery during the monsoons, so you will need to take special care while choosing your trekking shoes. This place is also one of the densest forests in Goa and the more you go inside it, the closer you find yourself to nature.

Hivarum Trek

Hivaram Falls is one of the least explored places in Goa. Here you will have to pass through steep slopes, which will give you the experience of trekking. An interesting point here is that there are three waterfalls located next to each other which you must cover.