The festival of Chhath is celebrated six days after Diwali. Whereas earlier it was celebrated only in Bihar and Jharkhand, now it has started being celebrated in places like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi also. The fast observed on the festival of Chhath is one of the most difficult fasts. This year Chhath Puja is starting from 17th November and will end on 20th November. It is believed that by observing Chhath fast, all the desired wishes are fulfilled. There is great importance in offering Ardha to the Sun God in this festival. This Chhath, why not plan to visit these Sun temples of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Badgaon Sun Temple, Nalanda

Among the 12 Suryadhams of the country, Bargaon Sun Temple of Nalanda is the most famous. Where people come from far and wide to celebrate Chhath and see its splendor. It is believed that taking bath in the Sun Pond here and worshiping Lord Surya in the temple cures many serious diseases. 

Sun Temple, Gaya

Gaya of Bihar is more famous for religious places. Dakshinark Sun Temple is situated here, where people come for darshan on normal days but during Chhath Puja, their number does not double but quadruples. Today, you can also plan to visit this temple during Chhath Puja.

Aungari Dham

Aungari Dham is the only Sun temple in the country, whose door is situated towards the west. King Shamb, grandson of Lord Krishna, came and worshiped here to get relief from leprosy. The king had also constructed the Sun Temple Pond here. By offering Arghya here, devotees get the desired results. People from far and wide reach here during the great festival of Chhath.

Sun Temple, Bhojpur

There is also a Sun Temple in Belaur village of Bhojpur district of Bihar. A large number of devotees gather here during Chhath Puja.

Dev Surya Temple, Aurangabad

The festival of Chhath is the biggest festival of Bihar. You can see the amazing view of Chhath by reaching Dev Surya Temple located in Aurangabad. It is said about this temple that the architect of the gods, Lord Vishwakarma himself has built it. A huge fair is also held here during Chhath Puja. Seems like

Sun Temple, Ranchi

You can reach Bundu by traveling just 39 kilometers from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. The Sun Temple here is also very famous. The entire temple is made of marble. The supernatural sight of Lord Surya seated on a chariot of 18 wheels and 7 horses will be seen here. During Chhath, devotees come here from far and wide.

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