Delhi, which is called the heart of the country, is known not only for its many things in the country but all over the world. But now Delhi will be known for another special attraction. The butterfly park built in Delhi will become a center of attraction for the country and the world.

The first butterfly park built in Delhi has opened for tourists. If you also want to see many types of butterflies in one place, then definitely go here. Let us tell you that after a long wait, Delhi has got its first butterfly park. This park is built at a distance of about one kilometer from the Singhu border.

Work on this park was going on for the last several years. Although this park was completed long back, but it was not opened for the tourists. This butterfly park was one of the important projects of the Delhi Projects Department. on which work was going on for a long time. In the coming days, many species of colorful butterflies will be seen here.

There is complete facility in the park for the people
The department is providing many facilities for the people in this park. The biggest attraction inside the park is a large size of a colorful butterfly made here. Apart from this, keeping in mind the convenience of the fountain and the people, benches have been installed at various places.

At the same time, in view of the beauty of the park, many selfie points have also been made here. Here you will find many plants including Tulsi, Amla, Peepal, Arjun, Tamarind, Bahera in nurseries and medicinal plants.

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