Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Nowadays water sports is trending in India. Earlier people used to go abroad for surfing, but now surfing facilities are available in the country itself. Due to this, people have increased interest in surfing. It began in the fourth century. Its perfect destination is considered to be Hawaii. In modern times, many countries of the world have surfing spots. Surfing is done at many places in the country too. If you are also a fan of surfing and want to enjoy surfing in the country, then you can visit these places once. Let’s know-

If you are really fond of water sports, then definitely go to Puducherry. Here the strong waves of the sea run. This makes the thrill of surfing double. Serenity Beach is the perfect place for surfing. Also there are many other beaches in Puducherry which is famous for its beauty.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala
This beach has international status. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. This beach is located in Kerala and is best for surfing. Here you can enjoy surfing. All the time, sea waves keep rising. Because of this you can surf anytime.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka
Gokarna Beach is located in the state of Karnataka. Gokarna Beach is situated on the banks of Kannada city which is a center of attraction for tourists. Tourists visiting Mahabaleshwar Temple also visit Gokarna. This beach is also considered to be perfect for surfing. A large number of tourists come to Gokarna Beach for surfing.

Goa is famous worldwide for its beauty. Thousands of tourists come to visit Goa. There are many historical places to visit here. Additionally you can go to Goa for surfing. There are many surfing points here that will double your adventure.

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