New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Food Allowed On Flight: Many people believe that the most important part of any vacation is not just to reach the destination, but you also enjoy the life during the entire journey. Whether you believe it or not, but what you keep with you to eat in the journey makes the journey even more enjoyable. You not only need to find food, but you are also saved from buying expensive and unmatched food that you get at the flight or train station.

By the way, there are many inconsistencies in traveling by train, bus or flight. If you are traveling by bus or train, then you can take any kind of food with you. However, if you are taking a flight, then you should be fully aware of it because there are restrictions on many types of food items in the flight. Let us know which food items you can carry on the flight.

What can I take?

  • Sandwich
    If you are carrying a sandwich with you during the flight, there is no restriction. Yes, when you carry it, take care of one thing, wrap it well and do not add too much sauce to it.
  • Thing
    There is no restriction on carrying things with you on the flight. Yes, but it can be difficult to carry cream cheese or blue cheese (which does not harden). While you are carrying parmesan or cheddar cheese, you will not be stopped at the screening counter.
  • Spices
    Carrying spices in flight is not prohibited. Yes, but take care to pack it well so that the rest is not spoiled by similar spices. Carrying of spices is considered the easiest during the journey.
  • Baby food
    In flight, no one would want small children to go hungry because if they are hungry, they will cry the whole journey. So you can usually carry baby food on flights, even carrying more than 100 mL. However, baby food containers must be checked during security.
  • Chopped fruit
    If you are traveling by flight, you can take chopped fruits. Remember to keep them well packed in plastic containers.

Can not move!

  • Canned food
    According to the Aviation Authority, canned food is completely banned. If you carry canned food with you, you can be stopped at the screening counter. Even if the canned food is sealed, it is more than 100 mL, so avoid carrying canned food.
  • Alcohol
    Most travelers would like to relax in a flight with wine or beer, but this is not allowed in flights. Even if you bought a bottle of wine or any liquor from duty free, you can still carry it and not drink it.
  • Nutella
    The 100ml rule is quite strict. Even if it is your favorite bread spread. If you are dreaming of eating Nutella on the flight, then there are more chances of her going to the dustbin of more than 100ml bottle with Natella.
  • Soup
    As you know, there is a ban on carrying any kind of liquid in the flight, similarly the soup is banned. Carrying soup is not easy, it can fall on the rest of your stuff. So it is better not to carry it.
  • Jam
    Have you brought a jam to keep you on the journey? If this bottle is more than 100 ml, then it will be stopped during security. Yes, if the bottle of jam is smaller than 100 ml then you can pack it well.