Getaways have emerged as a popular trend amidst the pandemic. The safety and convenience of road trips have made them the most sought-after mode of transportation. Our recent road trip took us to Mulshi, a scenic destination in Maharashtra that makes for an ideal getaway for Mumbaikars and Puneites. A haven of landscapes, Mulshi is a 3-hour drive from Mumbai, and an hour’s ride from Pune. Mulshi Dam tops the list of things to do in this humble yet beautiful village of Maharashtra. A trekker’s paradise and a photographer’s muse, Mulshi Dam is an excellent spot for bird watching.

Mulshi, Song of Life County, Gateways near Mumbai, Gateways near Pune

Sahyadri’s deep forests make for an inviting trip during the monsoons and winters. The weather at this time of the year is perfect for a chat with the lush green forests and windy air.

If you are drawn to witnessing structures and hilly forts then Dhangad Fort and Koraigadh Fort close to Mulshi are a must-visit. When travelling with a large group, a trek to Koraigadh Fort tops the charts of things to do when travelling to Mulshi.

While you are on the road to Mulshi, we recommend travelling a little more into Lonavala to Bhushi Dam to witness this popular tourist spot and getting your hands on affordable hand-painted crockery.

When you’re spending all that time in and around Mulshi, you ought to experience a stay that’s off-beat.
Read on to discover a Scotland County experience in India!

Bringing global experiences in the comfort of Maharashtra

Experiential and slow travel are among front- runners to the new age travel approach and Maharashtra’s hilly paradise is now catering to a vacation experience that lets one enjoy a European county like experience tailored to meet domestic convenience.

Song of Life County is a first of its kind villa resort in Mulshi, as the name suggests, the property is fashioned after majestic countryside townships in Scotland. If you’re wondering what this county looks like, fathom a private cobbled street leading to off white picket fenced villas, tapering brick coloured roofs on the exterior, dewy private manicured lawns, hummingbirds and lavender blooms. The most soothing sight of all, blanketed green views as far as the eyes can see!

Mulshi, Song of Life County, Gateways near Mumbai, Gateways near Pune

Consisting of 7 villas, Song of Life County is the ultimate destination for country-side vacations that will enable you to experience something new not too far away from Mumbai and Pune. There are 4 identical Regal Villas that open up to a hearty 5 bedroom and living room space, wooden stairway, vintage chandelier, and tall roofs, reminiscent of the European theme of this paradise tucked in the bed of Maharashtra’s Western Ghats.

The many European elements like the high roofs, bedside chandeliers, wall lights, wooden framework sing of the old-world charm. The popping colourful couch in the living room adds a dash of contemporary flavour.

The grandest villa is the Opulent villa which practically opens the door to the vintage era, this three storied home pays a poetic ode to Colonial architecture.

The other villas at this property are the Ornate and Majestic villas.

Celebrating plant-based food is Harmony, the property’s vegetarian restaurant that truly glorifies local produce with smashing multi cuisine food.

Mornings here begin with strolls with the many species of birds, afternoons curled up with a book at the porch, rejuvenating the crisp fresh evening air on a bicycle ride, a quick game of badminton by the promenade.

Our personal favourite way of calling it a night was by lounging on the sofa seat swings in the lawn.
A healthy challenge of air hockey, chess or even the good old carrom is an ideal way of indulging with your bunch of family and friends.

Once you visit Mulshi and Song of Life County, you would have truly recharged your senses from the hustle-bustle of the city.