The second wave of corona has weakened in the country, but there is a possibility of a third wave. The government is making preparations for this. The government is particularly concerned about the rush at hill stations and markets. Regarding this, now the Health Ministry has issued a new guideline regarding traveling. It states that there is a need to avoid traveling without full vaccination. In this guideline issued by the Health Ministry, 7 major things have been focused.

No room for slack
A ray of hope has been shown against Corona in the sero-survey, but the laxity cannot be given right now. 32 percent people are still not safe from corona.

No statement on district wise situation
The government said that the situation may be different at the local or district level. In the sero-survey, the overall situation of the country has been looked at.

State-level action needed
States should continue with local sero-survey to find out what percentage of population is protected against COVID.

Possible third wave
There may be waves of infection in the future. In some states, immunity against corona has been found at a high level, while in some places it is very low.

Avoid meetings
Many states have relaxed restrictions for gatherings, but there is a need to avoid this for now. Uttarakhand, UP and Delhi have recently canceled the Kanwar Yatra.

Avoid non-essential travel
In many states, tourist spots and markets are getting crowded due to relaxation, due to which the risk of infection has increased. People need to avoid non-essential travel.

Travel after vaccination
The government said that travel only after full vaccination. That is, only those who have taken both the doses of the vaccine after the fixed interval should go on the journey.

What rules have the states kept?

  • Delhi
    Those coming from states with a positivity rate of more than 5% will have to show a certificate of both doses of the vaccine or a negative report of RT-PCR.
  • Maharashtra
    Fully vaccinated people can enter the state even without RT-PCR.
  • Uttarakhand
    It is necessary for the travelers coming to Uttarakhand to be fully vaccinated, otherwise RT-PCR report will have to be taken up to 72 hours.
  • Karnataka
    It is mandatory to bring negative RT-PCR report. Vaccine certificate should also be there.
  • Tamil Nadu
    E pass is necessary due to the lockdown till 31 July.
  • West Bengal
    Proof of full vaccination will have to be shown or negative report will have to be brought. Passengers without report will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.
  • Uttar Pradesh
    It is mandatory to bring negative report of RT-PCR with full vaccination certificate.