Kutch district is a district in the state of Gujarat in western India. 45,674 km किमी It is the largest district in India. Kutch literally means, which becomes intermittently wet and dry. A large part of this district is known as the Rann of Kutch, which is a shallow wetland. This part is submerged in water during the rainy season and dries up in other seasons. And then a sheet of white salt gets spread here. Thousands of people flock to see a huge white desert, when the moon’s light shines on it. To see this view, the Rann Utsav is organized every year. Starting from three days, the duration of this festival is continuously increasing. Which started this time from 28 October 2019 and will be celebrated till 12 March 2020.

Rann’s charm and salt farming

This turtle-shaped area is divided into two parts – Great Rann 18,000 sq km. Has spread in. The second part is called Little Ran which is 5,000 sq km. Has spread in. Combining these two, a wide plain of salt and tall grass is formed, which is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. From here, India gets 75 percent salt. Every year in the summer month, the monsoon rains cause flooding in the Rann. The dry fields of white salt disappear completely and in their place become a shimmering sea, which gives an opportunity to celebrate. The monsoon torrential rain starts here in late June. Till October, the flood situation remains here. Then slowly the water starts evaporating and leaving behind crystals of salt. When the water decreases, the migrant farmers start salt farming by making a square field. From winter to next June, as much salt as they can extract, Removes that much salt. This white desert is so flat that you can see up to the horizon, as seen in the sea. Setting foot on that huge sea of ​​salt, it seems as if dew is scattered everywhere.

Every moment changing view

The specialty and beauty of Ran is that it changes its appearance throughout the day. Its form is somewhat different at sunrise and something else at sunset. In the moonlight night it feels like a flowing white sea. Moonlight falling from the sky and starlight – when you witness a charismatic environment. One can see all these forms well from the watch tower built in Rann. Which has a large crowd. To celebrate the Rann festival, the entire tent city is set up. A taste of pure Gujarati food can also be taken here for the stay, when world class tents are installed.