There are many such places in India which are famous for sightseeing as well as they are also known for their delicious food and shopping. Here we are not talking about Delhi but Hyderabad. Yes, Hyderabad is a very beautiful city in India, where there is no dearth of places to visit, but whenever you plan to visit here, do not miss visiting these markets along with visiting here. 

Perfume Market for Aromatic Perfumes

There is a market near Char Minar in Hyderabad where you can buy different types of fragrant perfumes. Pure perfumes ranging from sandalwood oil to musk, jasmine and rose fragrances are available in this market. 

Antique Market for Home Decor

To shop for antiques, head to the antique market in Hyderabad. Which takes place on Thursday. Here you can shop for home decor items. Apart from decorative items, beautiful furniture, kitchen appliances and home appliances can also be bought. The best thing is that a good special price is also available here. 

Laad Market for colorful bangles

If you are fond of bangles, then come to Hyderabad’s Lad Market. Where the colorful bangles adorned in the markets will pull you towards them even against your will. Lad, this market is almost 100 years old. Where you will find all types of bangles from normal to bridal in the budget. 

Mozzamjahi Market for Flowers and Fruits

You can shop for fresh beautiful flowers and fruits from Mozzamjahi Market in Hyderabad. From here people shop for flowers for decoration and worship. Hyderabad’s most famous shop Karachi Bakers is also present in this market. Apart from fruits and flowers, good quality spices and groceries can also be bought in Mozzamjahi Market.