Nowadays, most people like to take flights to travel. No Doubt: This mode of travel saves time, but in this you miss many things during the journey. Whereas if you plan to travel by train, then it is not only a comfortable option, but you can also see many beautiful things during the journey. There are many places in India where train is the best option to reach, because the journey here is very pleasant. Meaning, on the way you will get to see such sights which make you feel like you are in a different world. Let us know about them.

Mandapam- Rameshwaram Train Route

Rameshwaram built on Pamban Island is very peaceful and full of natural beauty. India’s second longest bridge, the Palk Strait, connects India to Pamban Island from Rameshwaram. It takes 1 hour to travel on this route by train. Whose experience is really fun.

Guwahati- Silchar Train Route 

Lumding and Barak Valley makes the Guwahati to Silchar train route special. By the way, during this journey you can see the Jatinga River, the far-spread tea plantations and the lush green Assam Valley. Which takes full 10 hours, but the route is so beautiful that you don’t even realize the journey.

Ratnagiri- Mangalore Train Route

The journey of Konkan Railway is also very wonderful. Which passes through long tunnel, dense forest, river, bridge. The journey of this train also takes 10 hours. Don’t miss capturing the mesmerizing views. 

Bengaluru- Kanyakumari Island Express

This journey has also been included in the most beautiful train routes of India. Which takes full 15 hours. You can see the beauty of many places simultaneously. 

Mumbai-Goa train journey

If you live in Mumbai and want to go to Goa, then book a train instead of a flight. The path to reach the destination is so spectacular that you will remember it for years. This journey takes 14 hours, but believe me, it will be a trip worth the money.