Every year lakhs of people from the country and the world come to visit Kerala. This state rich in nature is very wonderful. You will find many historical, natural, religious tourist places in Kerala. Along with roaming around in Kerala, you can also enjoy delicious dishes. Yes, today in this article we will tell you about the famous dish of Kerala. Let’s find out…

1. Appam

Appam is a famous breakfast dish from Kerala. Raw rice and coconut milk etc. are used to make it. It is like a pancake. Which is prepared from rice batter. It is very soft and spongy. People of Kerala prefer to eat it with curry. Appam can also be prepared with a variety of vegetables or chicken.

2. Nullappam

Nullappam is also known as Idiyappam. It is prepared from rice flour. The specialty of this dish is that it is cooked in steam. If you are planning to visit Kerala, then you must taste Nullappam. People like to eat it with egg curry.

4. Sambar

Sambar is prepared with different vegetables and pulses. Many types of spices like cumin powder, turmeric, coriander are used in this. Dosa can be enjoyed with hot sambar.

5. Puttu

Puttu is prepared from rice flour, water and salt. This is a great recipe for breakfast. You can start the day with this breakfast. If you want to have a heavy breakfast, then you can choose Puttu.


Sadhya is a staple of the vegetarian cuisine of Kerala. If you like sour, sweet food, then definitely taste it. This dish is specially prepared during festivals.