Rajasthan is famous all over the world for its civilization, culture, food and clothing. For this, foreign tourists start their tour of India from Rajasthan. There are many major tourist places in Rajasthan. A large number of tourists come to visit these places every season. If you are also planning to go to Rajasthan for a trip, then definitely visit these places to enjoy the Rajasthani flavours. Let’s know-

You must have heard the name of the famous Rajasthani dish Dal Baati. It may also happen that you must have tasted Dal Baati too. However, you must go to Jodhpur to taste the desi taste of Dal Baati. In Jodhpur, you can taste the desi taste of Dal Baati at Maa Bhavani Restaurant.

Ghevar is a famous sweet in Delhi and its surrounding states. People in Rajasthan also like to eat Ghevar a lot. You can relish the taste of ghevar with your family members at Shastri Sweets in Udaipur.

Chilli is also very famous in Rajasthan. Local people like to eat chili. It is said that the people of Rajasthan keep chillies in large quantities at home. You can taste mirch bade in dhabas along the highway. Chillies are easily available in all parts of the state.

Gatte’s vegetable is not only available in dhabas but also in many big hotels of Rajasthan. This vegetable is very famous in Rajasthan. Rajasthani people make gatte ki sabzi at home and serve it to the guests. You can find the desi taste of Gatte ki Sabzi at Paradise Hotel.

Whenever you go to Rajasthan, do not miss eating Mawa Kachori. This dish is also popular in Rajasthan and its surrounding states. You can enjoy Mawa Kachori as well as Pyaaz Kachori in Jaipur and Jodhpur.