Kolkata which is also known as “City of Joy”. Kolkata is the former British capital of India. Kolkata is the third most populous metropolis in India after Delhi and Mumbai. This city is beautiful as well as rich in heritage adorned with amazing architecture. Kolkata is one of the major tourist destinations of India. If you are looking for a tourist destination in winter where you can spend a few days comfortably, Kolkata is the best for this. Whether you go here alone or with the family, full enjoyment is guaranteed. If you come here, do not miss to explore these places.


Digha of Kolkata is also known as Goa of Bengal. Digha beach is very calm and beautiful. Where tourists come for fun and swimming. Digha, located about 185 km from Kolkata, is divided into two parts. For which one to two days is enough. And about 160 km from Kolkata. Another beach away is Mandarmani which is especially famous among honeymoon couples. 


If you are a nature lover and also fond of trekking, then do not miss the opportunity to see Sundarbans. Many rare creatures live here in the marshy forest. Where you can see Royal Bengal Tiger. To see which tourists come from country and abroad. Henry Island is also present near Sundarbans where you can enjoy trekking, bonfire. Sunderbans is just 109 kms from Kolkata. Is at a distance of. So 

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous tourist destinations of Kolkata located in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas. The rare one-horned Indian rhino can be seen in the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from this, this wildlife sanctuary is also the abode of many types of flora and fauna. Species ranging from Royal Bengal Tiger to Indian Elephant, Sambar, Indian Bison and Wild Boar can be seen here. 

Alipore Zoo

This zoo is also called the Calcutta Zoo or the Zoological Park of Alipore, which is the oldest zoological park here. But even today it is equally popular among tourists. The zoo is also home to Royal Bengal tiger, elephant, one-horned rhinoceros, white tiger, zebra, antelope, deer, macaw and lorikeet, large birds like Swinhoe’s pheasant, Lady Amherst’s pheasant and golden pheasant, ostrich, emu, hornbills Is. In the winter season, it also becomes home to migratory birds. So it can cover this place also.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden houses 12,000 living perennial plants as well as thousands of plants that have been collected from around the world. It is also known as Jagdish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden is a very good place for nature lovers where they can spend a few hours leisurely in peace. The biggest attraction here is the giant banyan tree, which is known as the Great Banyan Tree. Apart from this, many types of beautiful orchids and colorful flowers in the garden work to enhance its beauty.