The month of February is perfect to travel. Spring arrives in this month. For this, the weather remains very pleasant in the month of February. In this season people go on picnics. The weather of Goa is also very pleasant in the month of February. A large number of tourists come to visit Goa. If you are also planning to travel in the month of February, then you can go to Goa. However, before going to Goa, you must know these important things-

The weather of Goa remains very pleasant in the month of February. Due to the spring season, there is no heat and humidity in February. It is the perfect time to go outdoor. You can choose February for this.

The vacation season ends in the month of February. For this, hotels will be available in low budget. Simply put, you can stay in Goa at a cheap rate.

To celebrate the holiday in the month of February, you can go to Goa Beach. The temperature remains perfect in this season. Wherein, all things are available in chip rate. For this, travel experts recommend visiting Goa in the month of February.

 February is the perfect month for paragliding. You can enjoy paragliding and hot air balloon riding in Goa. The biggest thing is that you can go on an adventure trip in a budget.

Goa Carnival is organized in the month of February. It takes place every year from 18 February to 21 February. During this you can visit Goa.

Mercury market is held on Anjuna Beach every Wednesday. You can shop here at cheap prices. A large number of people come to Anjuna Beach for shopping.

Apart from this, you can enjoy camping, boating, swimming and sunset walking in Goa.

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