The holy month of Ramadan has begun. On this occasion, people of the Muslim community keep fast. It is considered a very holy month in the Muslim community. During this time people go to the mosque and offer namaz. During this entire month, after doing Sehri before sunrise, people go without eating or drinking anything throughout the day and then break their fast with Iftari in the evening. On this holy month of Ramadan, today we will tell you about Asia’s biggest and world’s smallest mosque, which are present in the same city of India.

Madhya Pradesh, which is called the heart of India, is a wonderful state in itself. The tourism here is very famous in the country and the world. Bhopal, the capital of the state, is one of these places, where there are many places to visit and see. In this city, you will also get to see Asia’s smallest and biggest mosque. The Taj-ul-Masjid present here is the largest mosque in Asia and the smallest mosque in Asia with two and a half steps.

300 years old history

This mosque, located near the Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal, was built on the bastion of the Fatehgarh Fort. At that time, when this mosque was in its original form, only three people could offer Namaz here. The history of this mosque is about 300 years old. It was built by Dost Mohammad Khan, the founder of Bhopal city. Actually, this mosque was built for the soldiers guarding the Burj, so that they could offer Namaz during the guarding.

This is how the mosque with two and a half steps was built

In such a situation, on the advice of friend Mohammad Khan, the guards built a small mosque on the tower. However, both the watchmen were not skilled craftsmen, due to which they made two ladders correctly, but while making the third ladder, a brick could not be placed in it. Since then the name of this mosque has been changed to two and a half stairs mosque. The special thing is that this mosque has also got the status of the first mosque of Bhopal city.

Asia’s largest mosque

On the other hand, talk about the largest mosque in Asia, the Taj-ul-Masjid in Bhopal was built by Shahjahan Begum, who ruled Bhopal. Shah Jahan Begum ruled the city from 901 to 1987. He was very fond of buildings. When the Begum was building the Taj Mahal for her residence, she thought of the big mosque. After this the work of building the mosque was started, but after the death of the Begum, the mosque remained incomplete.

Third largest mosque in the world

After this, in the year 1970, with the efforts of Maulana Mohammad Imran Khan, the construction work of the mosque started again and only then this mosque was completed. Including Motiya Talab and Taj-ul-Masadij, the total area of ​​this mosque is 14 lakh 52 thousand square feet, which is the highest after Mecca-Medina. This is the reason why it is also called the third largest mosque in the world.