Every year on January 13, the festival of Lohri is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. Especially, Lohri is celebrated in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. This festival is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti. According to the experts, Lohri is celebrated in the happiness of the preparation of new food. During this a bonfire is lit. Things made of wheat earrings, rewdi, peanuts, kheel, chikki, jaggery are put in this bonfire. Then sit near the fire and sing songs and eat gajjak and rewdi. Whereas, maize bread and mustard greens are eaten in the dinner. People also go on vacation on this occasion. If you also want to enjoy Lohri festival at beautiful places around Delhi, then visit these places. Let’s know-

go to amritsar

If you are looking for the perfect destination for Lohri, then you can go to Amritsar. The city is world famous for the Golden Temple. Apart from this, it is also the site of the Jallianwala massacre. You can go to worship Baba along with Lohri. Apart from this, one can also go to pay homage to the martyrs in the Jallianwala firing. Overall, Amritsar is the best destination for Lohri festival.

go to chandigarh

Lohri festival is celebrated with pomp in Punjab and Haryana. Whereas, Chandigarh is the capital of both the states. This city is known for its beauty. The city is decorated in a grand way on Lohri festival. There is the sound of drums and drums everywhere. People celebrate Lohri by gathering on the streets. You can visit Chandigarh for Lohri with your friends and family.

go to jalandhar

You can go to Jalandhar for Lohri celebrations. This beautiful city is in Punjab. The city is known for industry. Turning the pages of history reveals that it is the oldest city of Punjab. There are many beautiful tourist and religious places in this city. You are Devi Talab Temple, Shiv Temple and Baba Sodhal Temple for Dev Darshan. You can go to Jalandhar for Lohri.

go to jammu

You can also visit Jammu to enjoy the Lohri festival. A large number of Punjabi community people live in Jammu. They celebrate the festival of Lohri with pomp. In the winter season, amidst heavy snowfall, sitting near the bonfire and dancing has its own fun. You can go to Jammu for Lohri weekend outing with your friends and family.

go to shimla

Like New Year, Lohri festival is also celebrated in Shimla. A large number of people come to Shimla to celebrate Lohri. Shimla receives heavy snowfall in the month of January. People also visit Shimla in January to enjoy the snowfall. In addition, the Punjabi community on Mall Road celebrates Lohri in a grand manner. You can go to Shimla with your friends.