Lucknow is a very beautiful and peaceful city. Which is especially famous for its chikankari, flavors and old buildings. The flavors here are famous not only in India but also in foreign countries, which takes a long crowd of people to eat. There is always a crowd of customers at the food and drink shops in the old streets of Lucknow. Although you can come here anytime to enjoy food, but during winter people gather from far and wide to eat some special flavors. Will learn about them.

Black Carrot Pudding

If you come to Lucknow in the winter season, do not miss tasting black carrot pudding. This texture is different from normal carrot halwa as it is prepared from black carrots. Which is the perfect option of desert in winter. Grated carrots are made with condensed milk and lots of dry fruits. that keeps you warm in winter. You can taste it in old Lucknow.

Butter me

Makhan Malai is also a very tasty recipe which is enjoyed only in winters. People eat it like snacks and desserts. This dish is prepared with milk foam, saffron and sugar. It is very thick in appearance and looks like soap foam. Which dissolves as soon as it goes in the mouth. If you want to eat the best Makhan Malai then come to Chowk.

Noon Chai

Noon Chai is also known as Pink Chai and Kashmiri Chai. Whose taste you will get to taste in the Kashmiri locality of Lucknow. This mohalla is near Nematkhana where you can enjoy not only Noon Chai but many other delicious flavours. This tea is made by boiling Kashmiri tea leaves for hours. Compared to normal tea, this tea is quite different because it is mixed with salt i.e. Noon. So if you visit Lucknow in winters, do try this.

Pie Broth

Paa’s broth and soup are also a winter dish. Drinking which keeps your stomach full for a long time and also keeps the body warm in winter. The broth is thick and quite a rich dish. To taste the best shorba in the city, you have to head to Chander Nagar near Alambagh.


By the way, the taste of Nihari can be tasted any time of the year, but the pleasure of eating it in winter is not there in other seasons. Paya, Nihari and Sheermal are very popular breakfast options here. Which keeps you active and energetic throughout the day along with filling the mind and stomach. You will get its real taste only in the old streets of Lucknow.