The festive season is on. In this season people like to go on vacation. On this occasion people visit picnic spots, hill stations and religious places. If you are also planning to visit in the coming days, but you want to go to places of peace and relaxation, then you can take a religious tour of these Buddhist monasteries around Ladakh. Come, know everything about them-

Key Monastery

This is the largest monastery in Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. Its altitude is 4,166 meters above sea level. The biggest feature of this monastery is that it is 1 thousand years old. Despite this, this monastery is still very beautiful today. The monastery was built in the 11th century. Ancient paintings and Buddhist scrolls are available in the monastery even today. Every year 300 lamas are trained in this monastery by giving them religious knowledge. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, then you can take a religious tour of the monastery.

Tabo Monastery

This monastery is also counted among the ancient monasteries of India. This monastery is situated on the banks of Spiti river. This monastery has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This monastery was founded in the year 996 by Lochawa Ringchen Jangpo. In this way this monastery is also one thousand years old. There are total 9 temples in Tabo Monastery. Of these, idols are installed in 3 temples. In these, an attempt has been made to tell the entire life of Buddha in the Chulakhand temple through a picture.

Lamayuru Monastery

This monastery is located in Lamayuru village, just 127 km from Leh in Kashmir. The monastery is named after this village. Its elevation is 3,510 meters above sea level. Lamayuru village is also known as Moonland for its natural beauty. This monastery was established in the 11th century. This is the oldest monastery located in Ladakh.

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