In a road trip, the roads are not necessarily very wide, clean. It is also not necessary that you travel on them by car. But there is an environment around you, which settles in your mind. We are going to introduce you to some such beautiful road trips which are famous for their unmatched beauty.

Bangalore to Ooty
If you feel love and belonging to nature, then this highway is for you. The road from Bangalore to Ooty is famous for its 36 hair pin turns. This road full of greenery and tall trees is one of the beautiful roads of India. This road also leads to the famous Dumalai National Park. Staying here can feel the nature closer. The road covering a distance of 265 kms covers Bengaluru, Ooty, Moolabagalam, Kolar and Mysore.

Guwahati to Tawang
There are some roads, which are settled in Rome and Rome, you can never forget them. Truly such is the way of the mountains. The journey from Guwahati to Tawang is dangerous as well as magical. There is also a part of the road when the road becomes twisted like a hair pin, sharp and winding. But here the breath still does not stop at the danger, it stops only after seeing the greenery and beauty. The camera captures the photo, not the emotion that nature changes from moment to moment. Driving on this road requires extra caution. It is a route of about 520 kms and it is completed in 14 hours. If you want, you can take stock of the culture and history of this place by stopping at Tezpur in Assam on the way.

Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge
Here is the wonder of engineering, not of nature. This bridge connects the mainland of India with Rameswaram Island. Also known as Madurai Rameswaram Road, it is a treat to the eyes with some of the most beautiful views of India. This highway is flat and straight, with spectacular sea views on either side. While walking on this road, you will feel that I wish this road would never end. On one side is the Bay of Bengal and on the other hand the Indian Ocean. The length of this bridge is 2,065 meters.

Mumbai to Goa
Of course this journey is long but only those on the way from Mumbai to Goa can understand that neither the length of the road gives boredom nor the time taken. Greenery and tall beautiful trees all around turn the hassle of traveling into nothingness. It is such a wonderful experience to walk on it that hardly ever again would you want to fly from Mumbai to Goa. The route of about 12-13 hours is covered by National Highway 47. Spread over a radius of about 585 km, this road is one of the favorite road trips for Mumbaikars.

Chennai to Puducherry
It is called the East Coast, which is a bit easier to drive on because it is well maintained. This route is also completed in three to four hours. The scenery around it is very beautiful and it runs along the Bay of Bengal for some parts, which adds to its beauty. It is like the dream of every traveler who loves to take road trips. The sea waves, cool breeze and the trees all around make this Chennai to Puducherry road the best traveler road. This route is about 165 kms, on which the blue sea spread on both sides seems like a film scene.