New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. There is a great news for tourists of Uttarakhand. According to the news, from June 2021, tourists can also travel from Rishikesh to London by bus. This is confirmed officially by Wrestler Divyndu Sharma’s Instagram post, in which he has stated that from June 2021, tourists can travel from Rishikesh to London by bus. Earlier had announced to run a bus from Delhi to London. Almost complete preparation has been done for this. Now Dividendu Sharma is going to start this service. In such a situation, if you are fond of traveling and want to go to London by bus, then you can enjoy this service. Let’s know about this bus service in detail-

Dividend Sharma has been a wrestler
Dividend Sharma himself has informed that this bus service will start from June 2021. Divyandu Sharma has been a wrestler and people know him by the name of Pehalwan Ji. Dividendu is also a world peace activist and has won gold medals twice in the Asian Games. While in Indo-Nepal wrestling has also won gold medals twice.

This service is named Incredible Bus Ride
The bus will travel 21 thousand kilometers from Rishikesh and reach London. Only 20 tourists will be able to travel from Delhi to London in one trip. The service is named Incredible Bus Ride. While the main purpose of the bus service is to spread Indian civilization and culture abroad. Earlier Dividendu Sharma has traveled to 32 countries by road.

While brother has also traveled from India to England once with Vishal. The bus journey will be completed in 11 weeks. The fare of a tourist has been fixed at 14 lakh Indian rupees. This fare includes bus service, returning flight tickets from London, visa fees, twice a day food and travel.

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