There is a great news for tourists. According to the news, from May 2021, tourists can also travel from Delhi to London by bus. Its official confirmation comes from Adventuresoverland’s Instagram Post, which states that from May 2021, tourists can travel from Delhi to London by bus. Almost complete preparation has been done for this. In such a situation, if you are fond of traveling and want to go to London by bus, then you can enjoy this service. Let us know in detail about this bus travel service-

According to, the world’s largest bus service journey starts from May 2021. Interested tourists can avail this service. The fun and special thing in it is that the bus journey will last for a full 70 days. While the bus will travel not one, not two, but three continents. The journey will start from Delhi and end in London. During this time the bus will pass through 18 countries and cover a distance of 20 thousand kilometers.

The journey will be completed in four stages. In the first phase the bus will travel to India, Myanmar and Thailand. In the second phase, the bus will take tourists in China to visit the Gobi Desert, the Great Wall of China and the Silk Route. In the third phase, the bus will take tourists to Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. While in the fourth and final phase, the bus will reach London via Europe, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, France and many other countries.

Only 20 tourists will be able to travel from Delhi to London in one trip. While full trip tourists will be given preference. The fare of a tourist has been fixed at 15 lakh Indian rupees. Catering, instant tourist visas, medical facilities etc. are not mentioned in this fare. This means that 15 lakh Indian rupees is just a bus fare. Its complete information is given on the website.