If you are planning to visit the country’s capital Delhi city, then definitely visit the Prime Minister’s Museum once. This place is very popular among the people of the country as well as the foreigners. As the name suggests, here are the galleries of the Prime Ministers of the country so far and information and things related to them have been kept. In 2022, the Prime Minister inaugurated this museum. Built in 15,600 square meters on Teen Murti Marg in Delhi at a cost of 306 crores, the Prime Minister Museum is named after the Prime Ministers of the country. If you want to know about PM, then definitely come here once with your children.

14 Galleries dedicated to the Prime Ministers of India –


Let us tell, the Prime Minister of India is the 14th Prime Minister of the country, so here in the museum you will get to see 14 galleries dedicated to each Prime Minister. Each gallery showcases the life and tenure of the Prime Ministers with a perfect blend of technology. Here you can have a glimpse of his early life, political career and the challenges that happened during his time. Along with this, the successes of these Prime Ministers have also been shown here. Except for the present Prime Minister, you will get to see the gallery of every Prime Minister here, which is open for public viewing.

Audio Guide


Many times we are roaming in the museum without a guide, and without any information we return just by looking at the pictures. But this is not the case here, an audio guide has also been provided here to better explain to the people. You can easily choose a handheld device, which you will get to see in the museum.

New technology has been used –

Tourists will get to see many attractive things in the museum. Here you will see the National Emblem as 3D, which you can also see flying and rotating. Going forward, you will see the national flag, which has been designed with kinetic LED lights. Prime Minister’s Museum is the first museum in India to use technology. Let us tell you, Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya or Prime Minister Museum is the first museum in India with such advanced technology. There are also many interactive and engagement zones to experience the past and future of the country. There is also a time machine here, where you can get to know the past of India very well.

Interactive Zone –

You can sit in the galleries and take photos with your favorite Prime Ministers, or even photos from the past. Here a complete setup has been made with sofa chairs, where you can sit comfortably and click many pictures. Videos created here or photos taken are sent via email. There is also an interesting handwriting robot here, by speaking which you can take the signature of any Prime Minister.

6D Helicopter Ride –


The purpose of making this museum is to inspire the young generation. There is also a 6D helicopter ride zone where you can experience the future of India, among other fun things to do. You will be shown the future of India while flying in a helicopter. There is another area in the museum known as Shatabdi Sankalp. Here you can leave a message and give your opinion on how you see India in 2047.

Book tickets like this –

Please tell, the ticket here is very cheap, you can buy the ticket for 90 rupees. You can get tickets online (on the PM Sangrahalaya website) or by visiting the museum. The important thing is, here after 4:30 pm the booking of tickets stops. The last entry here is also at 4:30 pm only. The closing time of the museum is 6 pm.