Himachal Pradesh is famous worldwide for its beauty. Thousands of tourists visit Himachal Pradesh every year. There are many tourist places in the state, which are known for their specialty. One of these spots is Spiti Valley. A large number of tourists come to Spiti for trekking. Dhankar Lake is very close to Spiti Valley. This lake is a center of attraction for tourists. To reach this lake one has to pass through the Spiti valley. However, the second wave of Corona virus has once again had a major impact on tourism. Due to this, all the monuments and Pertian sites of the country have been closed immediately. Earlier in 2020, due to Corona virus, all the Pertian sites were closed for several months. If you do not know anything about Dhankar Lake, then let us know-

How to reach Dhankar Lake
Tourists can reach Kullu-Manali Airport from Delhi. Bus and taxi facilities are available here. Tourists reach Dhankar Math by road. The nearest railway station to this lake is Joginder Nagar. The distance of the lake from here is 400 meters. In order to go to Dhankar Lake one has to pass through the city of Kaza and Tabo. After about 1 hour trekking from Dhankar village, tourists reach Dhankar lake. Its height is 14 thousand feet from the sea level.

The water of this lake is considered suitable for quenching thirst. To put it in simple words, water can be drunk after drinking water to quench thirst. However, tourists are advised to carry water. Tourists park their cars in the monastery. Trekking from here reaches the lake. Whenever you go to Dhankar Lake, carry with you protein and carbohydrate items, bananas and dry fruits. This keeps the energy level normal in the body. Also you can spend great moments with nature in Spiti Valley.