Nowadays surfing is in trend. A large number of people visit the beach for surfing. For this there are many major beaches in the country. Where you can enjoy the surf with your friends. Apart from this, the facilities of scuba diving, boating and swimming are also available at these places. If you too are planning to visit in the month of February, then you can explore these beautiful places for surfing. Let’s know-


Kovalam is known for surf spots. Especially, in the month of August, Kovalam Beach is in festive season. Here you can learn music, yoga and surf. Apart from this, on other days also you can enjoy surfing at Kovalam. This beautiful beach is located in Tamil Nadu.


You can go to Mahabalipuram for surfing. Mahabalipuram is generally visited by tourists in the months of June and July. You can also visit Mahabalipuram for surfing in the month of February. Mumu School located in Mahabalipuram is known for surfing.


Kerala is known for its natural beauty. The natural scenery in the beach, high mountains and lush green forest is worth seeing. You can go to Varkala for surfing. This beautiful beach is in Thiruvananthapuram. This beach is near the hills.


Goa is perfect for vacation in every season. You can enjoy scuba diving, surfing and sky diving in Goa. If you are planning for surfing in the month of February, then you can go to Goa.


You can visit Mangalore from October to February for surfing. During this time the sea waves are perfect for surfing. You can go to Mangalore in the month of February with your friends to enjoy the vacation.