People tend to move more towards South India during winters. Especially in the months of December and January, tourists visit more. On the one hand, in North India, it is cold in the days of December and January. On the other hand, it is hot in South India. For this people like to go to South India in the month of December. South India is famous all over the world for the Dravidian civilization. According to historians, the Dravidian civilization is counted among the oldest civilizations. If you want to get acquainted with Dravidian civilization, txhen you can plan to visit these cities of South India in winter. Come, know the specialty of these cities-

Cochin is the perfect city to visit in the month of December. The year ending carnival festival is organized in this city in December. A large number of tourists come from all over the world to attend the Carnival festival. In the month of December, it is cold in North India and hot in Cochin. You can visit Cochin to get acquainted with the Dravidian civilization.

It is the center of attraction for tourists. Every year a large number of tourists visit Mahabalipuram in the month of December. According to experts, the weather of Mahabalipuram remains very pleasant in the month of December. For this, tourists come to Mahabalipuram in winter. You can also visit Mahabalipuram at the end of the year.

This holy place is located in the state of Karnataka. According to historians, the followers of Lingayat sect live in Karnataka. It is believed that there are two sects in Sanatan Dharma. The first is the Shaivite sect and the second is the Vaishnava sect. A grand statue of Lord Shiva is installed in Murudeshwar, which is the center of attraction. Also there are many other world famous religious and tourist places. You can visit Murudeshwar in winter.

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