Goa is famous worldwide for its beauty. Every year people come to visit Goa. However, due to the corona virus epidemic, there was silence in the middle of Goa in the year 2020. After a long time Goa has been opened to tourists. Due to this, the movement of tourists has started increasing. Goa has many philosophical sites, which are known for their beauty. One of them is Cola Beach. It is believed that it is the most populated beach in Goa. If you are planning to roam, then definitely come for a walk around the cola beach. If you do not know about this beach, then let us know-

Cola beach
It is the most beautiful beach in Goa. The biggest feature of this beach is that Cola Beach has not been commercially successful yet. Due to this, you will not get crowded here and you can take a pleasure trip. There is also a bay on this beach. Because of this, here you will feel that you are the first person in the world. At the same time, if you want to give Bohemia vibes to your holiday and you cannot find any special place, then you can go to Kola Beach. The frills on this beach will not be seen, but the natural beauty is worth seeing. There are no luxury resorts here. In return you will get old but correct tents.

What to do at cola beach
You can go swimming on Cola Beach. The water of the bay is very clear. For this you can also enjoy kayaking on the beach. Also, the time of sunset is very beautiful. There are also many small beaches around this beach. Where you can enjoy the walk. Once you leave, you will wake up wanting to go to Cola Beach again.