New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. The Corona virus epidemic is great news for tourists. According to the news, now you can enjoy the glass sky walk in the country. Earlier, one had to go to China for the Glass Sky Walk, but now tourists can take a Sky Glass Walk in the country itself. Est Tahang Glass Sky Walk is in Hebei province of China. However, people who are afraid of heights. They will not be allowed a Glass Sky Walk. If you don’t know about it, then let’s know everything-

Where is the glass sky walk
If you want to enjoy the adventure, then you have to go to Sikkim. This tourist place is located in Pelling in the state of Sikkim. The Glass Sky Walk at Pelling is in front of the Chenrejing Statue. This statue is 137 feet high. While this statue was unveiled in 2018. This glass sky walk of Sikkim is the first sky walk tourist destination in the country. From this place one can see the Chenrejig idol, Teesta and Rangit rivers.

How can glass sky walk
Glass Sky Walk timings are from 8 am to 5 pm. Tourists can walk the Glass Sky during this time. While the ticket fee per person is only 50 rupees. This place is just two and a half kilometers from Pelling. If a person has vertigo, or is afraid of height, he is not allowed to go. At the same time, if a person’s heart rate goes fast, then that person will not be allowed to go. There are railings on either side of the glass sky walk. Tourists can go to the end with the help of this railing. However, in the Corona era you have to follow the guidelines. For this, wearing a mask is mandatory and physical distance also has to be taken care of.