Spring season has started. This season is perfect to travel. In this season people go to different places for sightseeing. However, some people are unable to go on vacation with their pets. At the same time, many people go on vacation with their pets. If you are also planning to go on vacation with pets in the coming days, then before traveling, do know these rules of the railway.

Select the correct destination

If you want to travel with your pets, then choose the right destination. It is meant to say that carrying pets is not allowed in all trains. For this, first make sure that there is facility of first class class rail including Rajdhani at that destination.

select the right train

Traveling with pets is allowed in non-premium and premium trains. If these trains have first class AC coaches, then you can travel with your pets. Are.

travel first class

As per Indian Railway rules, one can travel with their pets in such coaches only and only in first class. Whenever you take a ticket for this, take such a coach.

book a cabin

One thing must be kept in mind while booking tickets is to book full cabin for traveling with pets. This service is available in the capital. In that you and pets can book two seats. There are two seats in the first class cabin of Rajdhani.

Pets must get vaccinated

Before traveling, make sure to get your pets vaccinated against anti-rabies and other diseases. This demand can be made by the railway officer. Get your pets vaccinated before you travel.

health certificate is required

When you have given all the vaccines to your pet, then do take a health certificate from the medical staff. Health certificate is also necessary during the journey. This certificate is given after health check up.

reached the station earlier

You have to reach the station few hours in advance to travel with pets. Here you have to go to the parcel room and settle the paper work related to pets. For this, confirmed ticket, vaccination and travel certificate will have to be presented in the parcel room. Your pet will be weighed at this time. Then the fee will be deposited at the rate of Rs 30 per kg. After this process is completed, you will be given a pet ticket. These things are important. You cannot travel without these. If you do not complete these works, then you may have to pay 6 times more penalty.