Vaccinated Travel Lane Flights
Vaccinated Travel Lane Flights

[A] Long Term Pass Holders, In-Principal Approval (IPA)Holders (Foreign Visitors)

Taking a Vaccinated Travel Lane flight – everything you need to know

A. Flying to Singapore on a VTL flight

  • To enter Singapore quarantine-free under the VTL scheme, travellersmust fly on designated VTL flights. AI 382 – Delhi to Singapore & AI 383 – Singapore to Delhi .
  • Travellers must not have any travel history outside of India, Singaporeand/or VTL countries or Category I countries/regions in the past 14 days tobe eligible for the VTL flights.

B. Vaccinated Travel Pass

  • Short-Term visitors and Long-Term Pass Holders will not be eligible fortravel on VTL flights without a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP).
  • They must apply for a VTP online between seven and 60 days prior totheir intended date of entry into Singapore.
  • Children aged 12 and below (as of calendar year) do not need to apply fora VTP.
  • Singapore citizens and permanent residents are not required to apply fora VTP.
  • For VTP application, there are no restrictions on purpose of travel andthere is norequirement for a controlled itinerary or sponsor.
  • To apply for your VTP, visit Safetravel Portal (

C. Visa Requirements

  • Visitors, who require a visa to enter Singapore, must separately obtain avisa. They are advised to do so after receiving their VTP approval and beforedeparting for Singapore. Please check visa details here: ICA | Check if YouNeed an Entry Visa

D. Vaccination Requirements for VTL flights

  • Travellers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with any vaccine inthe WHO Emergency Use List. Both, Covaxin and CoviShield are accepted.
  • The final dose must be completed at least 14 days prior to arrival inSingapore.
  • Travellers must hold a vaccination certificate in English issued bySingapore or anyVTL country. All vaccination certificates must be digitally verifiable (i.e.contain a QR code for verification).
  • Children aged 12 and below (as of calendar year) are exempted fromthese vaccination requirements. However, they must be accompanied by afully vaccinated traveller on the VTL flight.
  • Singapore Citizens and permanent residents, if vaccinated overseas, areencouragedto submit their overseas vaccination certificates in their health declarationduring the SG Arrival Card submission for a smoother immigration process.Permanent residents must also ensure they hold a valid re-entry permit.

E. Testing Requirements for VTL flights

Travellers on a VTL flight entering Singapore will be required to take twoCovid-19 PCR tests:

1. A professionally administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or PolymeraseChain Reaction (PCR) Test within two days (48 hours) of the flightdeparture. All pre-departure test result memos must state:

  • Traveller’s name
  • Either date of birth or passport number as stated in the passport
  • Date and time of test along with the name of the testing institution oNegative test result in English

2. An on-arrival test at Changi Airport.

Children aged 2 years and below (as of calendar year) are exempted fromthese tests. Pre-book and pay for your on-arrival Covid-19 test at SafeTravel Concierge (

F. Other Requirements for VTL flights

  • Short-term visitors must purchase travel insurance, with a minimumcoverage of S$30,000 for Covid-19-related medical treatment andhospitalisation costs, prior to travel to Singapore.
  • All visitors must use the TraceTogether app in Singapore to facilitatecontact tracing. After leaving Singapore, the TraceTogether app data mustbe kept for 21 days.
  • If any VTL requirements are not met, Singapore citizens and permanentresidents must serve a seven or 10-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) uponarrival, depending on their travel history.
    Download the TraceTogether App here: TraceTogether

Taking a non-Vaccinated Travel Lane flight – everythingyou need to know

  • Short-term visitors are not allowed to enter Singapore unless they hold avalid approval letter of entry from the Immigrations & CheckpointsAuthority.
  • Long-Term Pass and In-Principal Approval (IPA) holders must obtainpermission for entry from the relevant agencies before they travel toSingapore.
  • Please refer to for more details
  • Traveller’s name
  • Either date of birth or passport number as stated in the passport
  • Date and time of test along with the name of the testing institution oNegative test result in English
  • A 7-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) (to be observed at the traveller’sdeclared place of accommodation) will be sent to the email addressprovided by the traveller. The SHN takes effect immediately on the day ofits issuance.
  • Travellers with 14-day travel history to Category (II) countries maycommute using their own private transport, taxis or private hire cars. Theuse of public transport, e.g. trains or buses, is prohibited.
  • Travellers will be scheduled to take a COVID-19 Polymerase ChainReaction (“PCR test”) before the end of the SHN. The result of the test willbe communicated via a call, email, or SMS about 24 hours from when thetest was administered.

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