New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Vaccine Tourism: A few days ago, a Dubai-based tour operator offered a 24-day tour package from Delhi to Moscow, including two doses of Sputnik-V, the Corona vaccine from Russia. This tour package of Rs 1.3 lakh also included a promise of 20 days sightseeing across Russia between the two doses of the vaccine. But shortly after, the package disappeared from the Arabian Nights Tours website.

This package looks great, but before that it is necessary to clear some hurdles – which include visas from India to Russia and then flights. Meanwhile, there are many travel agencies in India too, who are considering such a vaccine tour package. He says that at the moment many countries have canceled flights coming from India in view of the second wave of Kovid, but when this ban is open, we can think of such a package at that time.

What is vaccine tourism?
Last week, Sen. Marino, a small place in the European public, welcomed his vaccine tourists. Four people from Latvia had traveled for 26 hours to get the vaccine here. These tourists became the first tourists who arrived to vaccinate through the holiday package.

It is being said that Russia and Maldives are working on inviting people from other countries for vaccine tourism, even the US. On the other hand, South African people are traveling to Zimbabwe for the vaccine, people from Canada and South America are going to the US.

Can Indian citizens go to other countries to get a Kovid vaccine?
The Union Ministry of Tourism believes that no one from India will have to go to another country for a vaccine. By the end of this year, all the people of the country will be vaccinated, at least for the price. However, despite this, the concept of vaccine tourism is becoming popular in India. Even, vaccine tourism is becoming very popular in countries where there is a shortage of vaccines or people who have certain types of diseases are not being vaccinated.

At the moment if air travel is allowed in the country, then it is not illegal to travel to another country for vaccination. In January, Florida made it mandatory for vaccinees to submit proof of local residency.