If you get a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Goa, then it is like a dream come true. If you have time and chance, grab your partner’s hand and head towards Goa. Because nothing can be more romantic than this. But do not go there drinking beer or spend all the time just on the beach. Make this trip a memorable one.

Visit Old Goa
Old Goa is a treasure trove of beauty and a heritage site, which gives you a glimpse of the bygone times. Strolling and walking in the old, cobbled streets lined with beautiful old bungalows is definitely a romantic attraction. Visit the old church and taste the original Gawa food.

go trekking in the jungle
For the adventure loving couple, jungle trekking is one of the best options in Goa this Valentine’s Day. Trekking in the jungles of Goa is an experience that you will never forget and it will bring you closer as a couple. Netravali Waterfall Trek is one such amazing trek. Then, the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is also a hidden gem, with a waterfall and more.

rent a yacht
This Valentine’s Day can be made more romantic this time. Hire a yacht for this, and sail with your beloved. There are a number of rental services available, along with a variety of boats that can be hired.

go around on a bike
It is better to travel around Goa on foot or by car than on a bike. The fun of traveling in a bike is something else anyway, in such a way, you can roam the fields, cafes and shopping areas of Goa by bike or scooty.

Dinner with the stars
There is nothing like eating under the stars in Goa. The perfect way to end the day in Goa is by enjoying an al fresco dinner. There is no dearth of options in Goa for this. From Taj Vivanta, Fort Aguada to Mustard Cafe, where you can indulge in delicious food.