One of the most beautiful cities in India, Jodhpur is also known as the “Gateway to Thar”. Jodhpur boasting of its Indian culture, most of the tourist places here are always ahead in presenting their royal glimpse. But one thing that surprises every tourist who comes here and also attracts a lot, is the blue colored houses here. If you have also gone to Jodhpur, then you must have also wondered why every house here is blue. If this is the case, then let us tell you today about the interesting reasons behind the blue houses here.

How to reach the blue houses of Jodhpur?

The nearest place to reach the blue houses with the help of cab or bike is Navchokia. You can take a cab or take a rickshaw or bike to Navchaukia and then stroll through the streets to see the blue houses.

The reason for the house being blue

There are many reasons behind painting these houses blue. By the way, not all houses in Jodhpur are painted blue, but only the houses in the old city area near Mehrangarh Fort are painted blue. Standing on the top of Mehrangarh Fort, it is very nice to see the blue colored houses. If you are also going here, then first know about these reasons below –

To avoid termites –

There are very few people who believe that blue color helps to drive away termites. Termites are said to have damaged various famous historical structures and buildings in the city. So to protect their homes from these insects, the residents of the city have painted their houses with blue paint. This color is a combination of two things, copper sulphate and limestone which keep the insects away, and at the same time it gives a calming effect. The residents here say that, it would be wrong to say that blue color is only for Brahmins, because people of other castes also live in the blue houses here.

Blue color is associated with Lord Shiva

Many bigwigs of the city believe that the color blue is associated with Lord Shiva, who drank a very dangerous poison called Halahla during the churning of the ocean to save the planet. This condition eventually turned his body blue, and since that time, his followers associate the color blue with Shiva and the sacred color. Due to this principle, his numerous followers living in the area painted their houses blue, hence the name of the city as Blue City.

To keep the house cool

There is also a reason that the blue color helps in keeping the houses cool during the hot summers in Rajasthan. The temperature here reaches above 40 degrees in summer. Some people living in the city believe that the blue color blocks the rays of the sun, and this is the reason why it remains cool in summers.

Blue defines social status

Another theory prevalent in this area is that blue represents social status. According to the reports given by local lore, the Brahmin community covered their houses with blue paint to distinguish themselves from the lower caste communities and since that time, Neela has been associated with Brahmins. You may also find the word Brahmin Ghar referring to these houses.

Beautiful view of the blue city from Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh Fort offers you a spectacular view of the top blue houses. You can also enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the Indic restaurant with blue houses and beautiful views of the fort. Pachetia Hill Sunset Viewpoint is also a wonderful place to enjoy.