Many times we plan to go out of Delhi for a weekend trip, but just because of the space, we cannot think where to go? Places are many, but there is one spot, where people like to go the most. Yes, we are talking about Jim Corbett near Nainital, which is famous all over the world for its jungle safari.

Today, on the special occasion of World Wildlife Day 2023, we tell you some such things about the National Park, which you should not do while roaming there. If you are planning to travel with your family, then first know what things you cannot do here.

Do not drive after sunset

Do not drive after sunset

As you all know, there are rules for driving in any National Park. Here you cannot drive with high speed, it is absolutely forbidden to blow the horn. Not only this, if you are planning to do safari in the evening here, then tell that you should avoid doing jungle safari after sunset. During the night, animals come out most to find their prey, in such a situation, the guides there also advise not to do night safari. However, there are many national parks where night safaris are also available.

Do not eat non-veg and do not cook food –

Do not eat non-veg and do not cook food -

Due to being a National Park, do not cook food here, because animals are afraid of fire, as well as the smell of food can bother them. Apart from this, the national park is home to animals, now if you eat non-veg here or cook non-veg, then perhaps the guests in the feast can also become animals here. Also, do not roam here after sunset at all.

No smoking and lighting here –

No smoking and lighting here -

No matter what the National Park is, you cannot smoke there, nor can you do lighting. It is completely banned to do all this here. Also, no one can take entry here without any permission. Also, there are many zones or routes where you cannot drive, it may damage the plants there, as well as such zones are of some animals, where entry is prohibited.

Do not use flash while clicking photos –

Do not use flash while clicking photos -

If you are clicking photos while on Safari, be careful not to use the flash. Animals get furious seeing such things as light, fire. Also, although it is said for everywhere, but especially here do not spread or drop garbage. Animals and birds can eat them here and their lives can also be in danger.

Don’t make noise on seeing animals –

Don't make noise on seeing animals -

While doing safari, we all have a heart desire to see some big animal once. And as soon as a lion or a cheetah is seen coming in front, we travelers start making noise or do various acts to attract them towards us. Also, do not tease the animals or call them to give food. Most importantly, don’t get off the cart, being around the animal could hurt you.

How to reach Jim Corbett –

How to reach Jim Corbett -

Jim Corbett is well connected by air, road and rail to all the major cities of India. Ramnagar National Park is a nearby place. It is 265 km from New Delhi by road. By air, you have to land at Patnagar airport which is 50 km away from the park. Ramnagar railway station is 12 km away from Jim Corbett.