In the beginning of the year 2021, in view of the decreasing cases of corona, people had started planning for summer vacation in Italy, Rome, France, Dubai, when the second wave of corona ruined the whole plan. But the option of work from home has been no less than a boon for the travellers. In which he enjoys traveling along with work. Apart from this, people’s inclination towards eco-tourism was also seen. So which are the most popular tourism trends this year, let’s take a look at it.

  1. Enjoy Vacation With Work From Home
    The work from home option proved to be fun for the travellers. Along with work, he also explored his favorite place. Even during Corona, the hotels and homestays of hill stations and beach destinations were completely filled. Due to these options, there was an increase in the productivity of the people.
  2. Off beat places were also explored
    With the ban on international flights, people explored India’s popular to off-beat destinations. Due to which the tourism industry also benefited a lot. Being able to cover places like Andaman, Lakshadweep also became possible due to work from home.
  3. Priority given to roadtrip
    As soon as there was some relaxation in the lockdown, people started planning the trip. But to avoid infection, people opted for road trips instead of bus, flight and train. People not near by covered far-flung places with road trips.
  4. The trend of eco-friendly tourism
    The pandemic also made people understand the importance of environment along with fitness. Due to which eco-friendly tourism has increased. People chose the famous places for trekking, backwaters, river rafting.