Trekking points around Pune
Trekking points around Pune

Pune is not only popular for its heritage—close to the city there are amazing getaways for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. Consider checking out these popular trekking trails for your next weekend escape.

Distance from Pune: 82 kms
USP: Rajmachi is a fort located near Lonavala and offers amazing views of the Sahyadri range and the backwaters of Shirota Dam. It is an easy climb and it takes only 40 minutes to reach the top of the fort. Regular trekkers consider the construction of Rajmachi to be spectacular and also recommend it for camping. There are two caves on the fort that can accommodate up to 40 people.
Difficulty level: Easy

Distance from Pune: 78 kms
USP: Visapur is a tricky climb, after the cross pass of Lohagadh. There are many waterfalls on top of the hill, and steep steps to climb. The fort is at its prettiest during the monsoons, with new waterfalls forming after the rains. There are water bodies near the plateau. The fort wall offers stunning views of the Pune-Mumbai highway.
Difficulty level: Medium

Distance from Pune: 118 kms
USP: Harishchandragadh is not a fort but lies in a forest reserve. Seasoned trekkers enjoy going up this hill from the five different routes. It is a long trek and a stay at the top is a must. The caves can be an exciting camping spot, and have several fresh water streams. The Konkankada is an ideal place for those wanting to see the perfect sunset. The Shiva temple is a fascinating structure. It is a cave below a part of the hill and only one pillar stands between the roof and base of the cave.
Difficulty level: Medium

Distance from Pune: 35 kms
USP: Sinhagadh is one of the most popular picnic spots around Pune. While it has proper road connectivity, there are many who still prefer trekking the route to the fort. There are memorials of Tanaji Malusare and Shivaji’s younger son Rajaram at the fort. The military stables are another spot worth visiting. There is also a water body called the dev taaki that contains fresh water throughout the year.
Difficulty level: Easy

Distance from Pune: 50 kms
USP: Rajgadh was the first capital of the Maratha Empire before Raigadh. It is a trekker’s paradise during monsoons. The Pani Kund and Balekilla are prime attractions. The distinct structures of the gunpowder store and main court are spots one should not miss.
Difficulty level: Medium

Distance from Pune: 50 kms
USP: Also known as Prachandagadh, this fort’s expanse is immense. Located close to Rajgadh, it is the highest fort in the district with an elevation of 1400 metres. You can trek to Jhunjar machi and Budhla machi, from where there is a direct route to Rajgad as well.
Difficulty level: Medium

Distance from Pune: 100 kms
USP: The birthplace of the Maratha leader Shivaji, Shivneri occupies an important part in history. The ration and gunpowder store are important structures. There are numerous water bodies and statues of Shivaji and his mother Jijabai.
Difficulty level: Easy

Distance from Pune: 80 kms
USP: Located near Malavli, on the way to Lonavala, Lohgadh is a part of the Lohgad-Visapur forts. Vinchu Kata is a famous spot at the fort which looks like the tail of a scorpion when seen from a distance. The Karla-Bhaja-Bedse caves are also close to the fort.
Difficulty level: Easy

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