If you have been planning to travel with family for a long time but have been avoiding it due to high budget, then today we are going to tell you about a place where you have to spend a lot of money to go. is not needed. Also, it is guaranteed that every member of the family will be able to enjoy by coming to this place. This place is Chambal, where a fair of migratory birds is held these days. Means by the fair, birds come from far and wide around the Chambal river and other wetlands as soon as winter comes and stay here till the whole winter. So this place is also perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

5 thousand birds come every year
With the onset of winter, thousands of birds come every year from the cold regions to the banks of the Chambal river. Exotic Siberian and Flamingo birds make their home in Chambal Sanctuary, covering a distance of several thousand kilometres. Where the view is worth seeing. Many types of rare birds can be easily seen on the banks of Chambal river in large numbers from mid-November to the end of February. The climate here is favorable for their breeding. Before the arrival of summer, these birds return with their young.

where do birds come from
Birds come from the Himalayas, Malaysia, Siberia, Russia, European countries. These days birds from the Himalayas and European countries have reached Chambal Century. Due to the snowfall in these countries, there is a problem of reproduction and food in front of the birds. Due to which they come in Chambal region. Apart from Siberian birds, birds like Rudy Shelduck, Painted Stark, Whistling Teal, Black Ibis, Bar Headed Geese, Black-necked Stark, Pelecins Gull, Tail Tingo, Carbonite etc have started arriving. By the beginning of December, thousands of these birds camp on the banks of the river.

more birds will come this year
Last year about five thousand birds had come, this year the record breaking birds are likely to come because this year it is expected that the winter will be more. Snowfall has started in colder areas. Bird lovers are also very excited by this.