Winter season has arrived and now everyone is waiting for Christmas and New Year holidays. Every year people plan to go on holidays, but, due to Corona virus for some time, going on holidays has not been easy. However, now the cases of Kovid have reduced in most of the cities of India. Keeping this in mind, you can definitely plan a small trip.

Whenever we plan to travel somewhere, the first thing that bothers us is the cost of the trip. Many times money is being spent in travel, due to which you have to cancel the trip many times. That’s why today we are telling you about such places around Delhi which can be visited even in the budget of 5000 rupees. Let us explore the low budget places that are coming up in our budget.

On taking the name of Agra, the first thing that comes to mind is the Taj Mahal. Apart from the Taj Mahal in Agra, you can also visit Fatahpur Sikri, Agra Fort on the banks of Yamuna River and Akbar’s Tomb. Visit Diwan-i-Aam and Diwan-i-Khas and learn about the nuances of Mughal rule. Apart from this, Tomb of Itmadud Daula, Tomb of Maryam Zamani, Jaswant ki Chhatri, Chausath Khambha and Taj Museum can also be visited. You can take trains, buses and cabs from Delhi to Agra. The journey to Agra by car is about 3 hours, while the superfast train will reach you in one and a half hours. The cost of commuting to Agra is not high and you can come back in 2-3 days.

Alwar is a city in Rajasthan, which is very close to Delhi. This city is very good for visiting, here Alwar Fort is situated in the Aravalli range above the city of Alwar. One can visit Sariska National Park, which is spread over an area of ​​about 800 square kilometres. Apart from this, definitely eat local food here. You can comfortably enjoy the weekend here for five thousand rupees.

It is one of the holiest cities of Hinduism. Varanasi is completely painted in religious colours. The most interesting here are the Ghats here, in which Dashashwamedh is the popular Ghat. A grand aarti is performed here every morning and evening. You can visit many popular temples here. Sitting on the banks of the Ganges, you can enjoy the local delicacies of Kachori, Jalebi, Bhajiya etc. You can travel by train from Delhi to reach here.

Bhimtal is around 6-7 hours away from Delhi. You can spend 3-4 days here. Apart from the beautiful mountains in Bhimtal, there are also ponds. Apart from this, Nainital is very close where you can enjoy the market, zoo, cafe on the banks of the lake. You can go here by bus, here you will also get cheap hotels and food.

Chandigarh is a beautiful and modern city. The rock garden here is quite popular. There are few other trains from Delhi to Chandigarh other than Shatabdi, which will reach you in 3-4 hours. If you want, you can also travel by bus. Apart from this, Morni Hills, which is about 27 km away from Chandigarh, can be visited. There are also two beautiful lakes here, whose natural beauty you can enjoy wholeheartedly.

You can plan a trip even in a low budget. If you do not worry about the budget, then you can include these 5 cities in your list.

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