Madhya Pradesh is a very prosperous place in terms of tourism. Be it religious tourism or a visit to a wildlife sanctuary or a hill station, Madhya Pradesh offers many options. One of these tourist places is the Sanchi Stupa, located 55 km from the capital Bhopal. Although the World Heritage Sanchi Stupa has been the center of faith for Buddhist followers around the world for two thousand years, but now the Buddha Jambudweep Park built here has become a new attraction for tourists. The construction of Buddha Jambudweep Park located in Raisen district has given wings to the tourism here. This park, built in an area of ​​17 acres on the approach road to the Sanchi Stupa, depicts the Jataka tales of the earlier births of Lord Buddha. Here complete information from the birth of Lord Buddha to Nirvana is also available at one place.

This is the first park of its kind in the country. This theme park has been built according to the life principles of Mahatma Buddha. It has Jeevan Parikrama Path, Chandravatika, Ashtangik Marg and Jatakavan in which there are Jataka stories and riddles for children. Water screen, 3D projection mapping are also arranged in the park. An Interpretation Center has also been set up at Buddha Jambudweep Park. A detailed chronological timeline of Buddha and Buddhism, its origin, expansion and spread is presented in the centre’s galleries. In this gallery the great moments of Buddha’s life are presented in the first gallery, Buddhist art and architecture in the second gallery, the spread of Buddhism in India in the third gallery and the spread of Buddhism in Asia in the fourth gallery.


Buddhist bell outside the Interpretation Center. the new World

The parikrama path representing the four great moments of Buddha’s life is built using four symbolic trees. Four trees Sal, Peepal, Ashok and Mango trees have been planted in this. The paths and pavilions using different colored stones in the park symbolically depict the four truths of life in Buddhism, suffering, the cause of suffering, the end of suffering, and the path. The final truth is the Ashtanga Path which is inspiring for human beings.

construction in collaboration with the central government

According to the schemes approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote tourism in the country, two years ago this park was constructed at a cost of about Rs 24 crore. Tourist Facilitation Center has also been built here by the MP Tourism Development Corporation at a cost of Rs.5 crore. A light and sound show on themes based on the life of Emperor Ashoka and Mahatma Gautam Buddha is also being conducted at Sanchi for the tourists. Cafeteria, public facility, meditation kiosk, pathway pavilion, beautification of Kanak Sagar Talab, amphitheater, children’s play park, full area lawn, water sprinkler system and attractive lighting add to the beauty of the place.


The main gate of Buddha Jambudweep Park located on Sanchi Stupa Marg. the new World

Also visit these places

After visiting Jambudweep Park and Sanchi Stupa, tourists can also visit Bhimbaithka, the world’s largest stone Shivalinga Bhojpur temple, located within a radius of sixty to eighty km from here. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy seeing two thousand year old fort located in Raisen, series of ancient Buddhist stupas located in Satdhara and Murailkhurd and Udayagiri caves.

Ashok Arora , manager of Sanchi Gateway Retreat, said that since the formation of Buddha Jambudweep Park, the number of tourists has increased significantly. The Gateway Retreat of MP Tourism Corporation has forty rooms for tourists to stay. Electric vehicles are available to reach the park and stupa.

Sanchi Stupa in-charge Sandeep Mahto said that earlier, about one lakh tourists used to visit the world protected heritage Sanchi Stupa in a year, which has now increased to more than two lakhs. Tourists who come here also come to see Buddha Jambudweep Park.