Goa is one such travel destination in India, where everyone wants to go. On hearing the name of Gaiva, one starts feeling the energy and freshness. By the way, if Goa is called an entertainment place, then it will not be wrong. In between here, seeing the fun atmosphere and nightlife in the clubs makes one want to visit Goa again and again. However, if you have not been to Goa yet, then you must visit here and if you are planning to go to Goa, then you are indeed very lucky. Here we are telling you some important things related to Goa trip, which you as a beginner should remember. So let’s know, what are these important things.

Choose the right time –

If you are visiting Goa for the first time, you might not know much about it. Actually, it is very important to choose the right time to go to Goa. Try to book between mid-October to mid-March. This is a great time to visit Goa. You can get many attractive deals during this time. There will be less congestion on the seas and a place to live will also be easily available. The best part is that the cost of going to Goa at this time will be less.

Visit Unpopular Beaches –

People visiting Goa for the first time often prefer to visit the popular beaches, but you will find these places most crowded. And maybe not even that much fun. In such a situation, it is good that you go to such beaches, which are not very popular. Like Butterfly Beach, Holent Beach, and Galgi Baga are good places.

Must visit the World Heritage Site –

Old Goa is home to several World Heritage Sites built during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church is a must visit here and so are many other destinations, where you can see the beauty of many types of architecture.

Don’t forget to visit the Garden of Spices –

Goa is generally considered popular for Beer, Beach, Casino, Clubs. But did you know that Goa is also famous for its spice plantations? Some of these are open for tourists to visit. After seeing this, you can get a chance to indulge in the traditional lunch buffet of Goa. Savoi Spice Plantation and Cooperative Spice Plantation are a few that you can explore.

Select the option of two wheeler-

If you are going to visit Goa, then choose the option of two wheeler instead of four wheeler. This will save you from problems like traffic jams and easily move around your destination. Let us tell you that you can save a lot of money by traveling on a two wheeler in Goa.

Enjoy Adventure Sports –

Your trip to the village is incomplete without enjoying the adventure sports. Scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing are quite popular adventure sports here. Of course, you may not be interested, but if you are going to Goa for the first time, then at least one of these activities must be enjoyed.