Indian Railways had recently changed the rules regarding refund of counter tickets. Now the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has made an appeal to the people regarding online tickets. IRCTC has asked people not to cancel tickets booked online for trains that have been canceled and assured them that they will get the entire money on their own. Earlier, the railways had extended the time till June 21 for cancellation of counter tickets by three months.

IRCTC said in a statement that doubts are being raised about cancellation of e-tickets after the closure of railway passenger trains. It states, ‘There is no need to cancel on behalf of the passenger. If the passenger cancels his ticket, he is likely to receive less money. Passengers are advised not to cancel the e-tickets for trains which have been canceled by the Railways. The statement said, ‘For booking the e-ticket, the money used by the passenger will be sent to his account. In case of cancellation of train, no fee is deducted by the Railways. Explain that in the trains that have been canceled by the Railways between March 21 and April 15, the ticket bookers can collect the refund for the next 45 days from the date of journey by depositing the tickets. At present, this deadline is only 72 hours i.e. three days. (With agency input)