New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Life is back on track again amid the corona virus epidemic. People are now moving out of their homes. Temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, schools, colleges, gym centers, cinemas, hotels and restaurants have been opened. While bus, rail and air services have also been started. However, the number of corona virus infectives has not decreased. As a result, the Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised people to take necessary precautions while exiting their homes.

People are walking out of homes wearing masks and taking care of physical distance to avoid the spread of corona virus infection and to prevent the spread of spread. At the same time, you are avoiding touching unwanted objects. The elders somehow follow the rules, but when it comes to young children, there remains doubt. Particular care needs to be taken about children especially during travel. If you too are traveling with your child, then keep these things in mind-

Report the epidemic

If your child does not know about the corona virus epidemic, then tell your child in detail about it. Especially teach methods of rescue. Advise them to wear masks, sanitize, follow physical distance and avoid touching unwanted objects. Also, tell your child about how to take care of cleanliness by yourself.

Do provide personal kit
If your child is older and can carry a bag, give the child a mini bag. While in the bag, keep the mask, sanitizer, tissue etc. Also instruct the child to use during travel.

Take food from home
In the Corona period it is best to carry homemade food during the journey. Since children’s immunity is weak. Therefore, for extra avoidance, give food to the child.

Plan in advance
A special plan is necessary for traveling with children during the corona virus epidemic. For this, prepare a list of the things needed. Also select the appropriate place. Where the risk of corona virus infection is reduced. If it is not necessary, do not take the child along.